Vision, mission and values


Our Vision is for all parents to have the best experiences they possibly can during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood

Our Mission is to create a safe, accessible place in Dundee where expectant and new parents can find non-judgemental, fact-based, respectful, empathic support

Our Values

  • To work with integrity and compassion.
  • To be honest and strive for authenticity in all our interactions.
  • To respect and value one another and all who come to Nurture Parents.
  • We recognise being properly heard by another person is a valuable experience. At Nurture Parents we have time to listen to all parents/carers and respond to each individual with empathy and without judgement.
  • To work together as a team, making the best use of individual skills, strengths and experiences towards achieving Nurture Parents’ aims and objectives.

Our Principles

  • Nurture Parents aims to help expectant and new parents have the best possible experiences during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Nurture Parents believes that knowledge and awareness of possible options helps prepare emotionally, mentally and physically for parenthood. Our purpose is to enhance experiences at the beginning of this journey to provide parents with a strong foundation for the future.
  • Nurture Parents believes parents make the best choices for themselves and their families when they feel confident and have balanced, comprehensive information and non-judgemental support.
  • Nurture Parents provides a supportive environment where parents are recognised as people first and offered support to reflect on their own lives. Nurture Parents is an assets-based organisation, using evidence and an understanding of the effects of trauma, to inform our work with families.
  • Nurture Parents involves parents in the development and delivery of our work.
  • Nurture Parents recognises the important role played by families and supporters in enabling parents to attain the best outcomes for their baby and their other children.
  • Nurture Parents recognises the challenges of raising a child without a community to offer support. Nurture Parents seeks to create a community of – and for – parents in Dundee.
  • Nurture Parents operates its finances transparently and aims to become sustainable with any profits generated being used to further develop the charity’s services.
  • Nurture Parents will work with all parents irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or disability.
  • Nurture Parents aims to operate in an environmentally-friendly manner.
  • Any paid employees will receive a market wage and positive working conditions. Paid staff and volunteers will benefit from Nurture Parents’ efforts to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and a sense of positivity and well-being exists within the organization.

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Nurture Parent’s mission is to help all Dundee parents to have the best experiences they possibly can during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. We aim to offer parents holistic support so they can build their own resilience, help their children flourish, improve the mental and physical well-being of their family and strengthen the community around them.