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Nurture Parents is run by parents for parents

Nurture Parents aims to create a space for parents where we can be honest about the challenges of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, and to receive support through difficult times without fearing judgement or criticism.  We will listen to you with empathy and in confidence, and will provide access to information without bombarding you with advice.  We will guide you through the choices you have and support you to develop the confidence you need to work out what is best for your family.

Services we offer

Our free drop-in sessions are informal discussions on pregnancy, birth or parenting-related topics. They give you an opportunity to find out what Nurture Parents can offer and to join a group of parents sharing their experiences.

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From drop-in sessions offering support about feeding your baby and getting enough sleep to classes and workshops helping you prepare for parenthood and care for your own wellbeing, Nurture Parents offers many helpful, interesting events. Please see our Events page for all the details.

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What parents think

Here are comments received about various Nurture Parents activities. We welcome feedback from all who access our services and aim to improve what we do in response to parents’ needs and the feedback they give.

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Nurture Parent’s mission is to help all Dundee parents to have the best experiences they possibly can during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. We aim to offer parents holistic support so they can build their own resilience, help their children flourish, improve the mental and physical well-being of their family and strengthen the community around them.