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Our free drop-in sessions are informal discussions on pregnancy, birth or parenting-related topics. They give you an opportunity to find out what Nurture Parents can offer and to join a group of parents sharing their experiences. Nurture Parents does not give advice. However, by listening and sharing, parents can find they have resolved the issue that was on their mind when they arrived.  Sharing experiences is a great way to receive information and understand the different options and outcomes that are available,

Your Birth Month Bumps Group will enable you to get to know parents who are due around the same time as you.  Building a group of your peers is a powerful way to create a support network and find like-minded parents you can turn to once babies arrive.

Preparation for Parenthood and Hypnobirthing. These antenatal classes run across 5 day time or evening sessions for parents and birth partners

They will:

  • provide all the information and resources you need to make fully-informed choices throughout your journey to parenthood
  • build your confidence
  • help you to understand the physiology and hormones of birth,
  • help you negotiate any challenges you may meet during your pregnancy
  • help you to develop strategies to manage your labour and be well-supported by your birth partner
  • create a network of support suited to your needs
  • prepare you to have a satisfying and fulfilling birth experience and the best possible start to life with your baby


A full range of classes and complementary therapies to be announced

A programme of useful and stimulating Workshops to be announced

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy

The Birth Trauma Association estimates that 10,000 women in Britain each year are treated for PTSD as a result of a traumatic birth. It is difficult to have accurate figures as many women do not seek help.This may be due to the stigma that surrounds mental health or the fear that you may be seen as an unfit mother.

Sadly, women and their partners who have experienced birth trauma can frequently suffer from mental health problems in the period after the birth, which can significantly affect and detract from what could be one of the most wonderful times in their life. 

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy is completely safe and works for the majority of affected women (and their partners if appropriate) in only 1-3 sessions.

Other approaches can take 8-12 sessions.

These are one-to-one sessions held in a small, private, comfortable room.

In the first session the practitioner will listen as you talk about your experience and teach you breathing techniques to reduce your anxiety and help you relax.

The second and any subsequent sessions involve relaxation, guided imagery and the Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy exercise known as the rewind technique.

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Nurture Parent’s mission is to help all Dundee parents to have the best experiences they possibly can during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. We aim to offer parents holistic support so they can build their own resilience, help their children flourish, improve the mental and physical well-being of their family and strengthen the community around them.