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Here are comments received about various Nurture Parents activities.

We welcome feedback from all who access our services and aim to improve what we do in response to parents’ needs and the feedback they give.

About Nurture Parent’s facilitated drop-in sessions 

Instantly felt really welcome and relaxed.

Nurture Parents gives parents a safe, welcoming place to be together and connect.

Many thanks for this, and for your support last week at the meeting.  I tend to go insular when I have a problem and speak to myself exactly like what the discussion was saying not to!. Things are better this week, baby’s sleep is no better, but we’re coping better.

I am currently pregnant with my second child and living in Dundee. Before coming along to the Nurture Parents meetings I felt not informed enough about pregnancy and birth in Scotland, even after going to the NHS antenatal classes. The meetings have been a very nice way to meet people, either expectant mothers, new parents and parents of older children. We had the occasion to share our experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenthood, to discuss it in a relaxed atmosphere and to learn from each other. I liked the fact that there was a specific topic for each meeting, leading the discussion and making things easier for everybody to participate. Now that I have been to a few meetings, I feel more relaxed about giving birth and more confident about making choices around this birth for my baby and me. I am also happy to know that I will have a group to meet with and share with once my baby will be born. I had nobody around when my first child was a baby (we were not living in Scotland at that time), and I think it really makes a difference not to be alone in these times. Having a baby can be very tiring and can raise lots of questions for new parents, and I think that having a place where we can see that we are not alone in this situation and where we are supported is a real chance.

I love getting together with like-minded parents, feeling like I can talk and everyone will listen, sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences.

The welcoming atmosphere is great.

I like that its very inclusive and that its OK to offer a different opinion.

It’s helped me build a better support network.

Friendly session, felt free to talk and discuss my experiences without fear of being judged. Nice, helpful, open and friendly group.

Good range of topics covered week to week.

Highlighted the importance of thinking about what I wanted to happen…if, how, why, when etc.

Better informed and cared for women will make for mothers more able to care for themselves and look after their babies.


What Parents think about the Preparation for Parenthood classes…

I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

I liked the chance to meet others on a similar journey, to learn from the class organisers about different aspects of birth and the journey to parenthood and I liked being part of a relaxed and calming atmosphere.

Venue is great coz its central.

Facilitators are very approachable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable…lovely to be around.

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Nurture Parent’s mission is to help all Dundee parents to have the best experiences they possibly can during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. We aim to offer parents holistic support so they can build their own resilience, help their children flourish, improve the mental and physical well-being of their family and strengthen the community around them.